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Lovely, Creepy, and Literate

September 22, 2010

I am so honored to have been awarded three awards by fellow bloggers who I think are just tops. Thank you. That being said, I apologize for being tardy in posting these. Occasionally the procrastination monster kidnaps me and holds me hostage in the closet for days weeks…

Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Linda at LeftBrainWrite for the Lovely Blog Award. Linda is an amazing writer who I constantly look to for inspiration, both in her encouragement and in her writing. Her blog is definitely One Lovely Blog. I’m passing the award on to some other people I look to for inspiration, all amazing artists.

Anna Lee at Anna Lee Keefer

Caroline at The Art Salon of Caroline Nevin

Verena at Paris Bird

“Creative Writer” Blogger Award (with a Creepy Twist)

Gratitude to Deanna over at The Other Side of Deanna for the Creative Writer (with a Creepy Twist) award. A fun award, and one Deanna deserves (okay, maybe not the creepy part), who always writes heart-felt, very real stories. 🙂

Here are the rules for acceptance of this award:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you.

4. Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth – or – switch it around and tell six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie. The challenge with the twist to this award is to “make your lies and truths as scary, ugly and grotesque as you can.”

5. Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.

6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

My Outrageous and Creepy Truths (or Lies?):

1. In the summer before seventh grade my entire cabin at Camp Greystone (including the two counselors!) emptied itself in the wee hours of the morning because the ghost of a little girl who’d drowned the year before flew through the window, crying.

2. When I was three (?) I woke up terrified to find a dark green neon energy cloud circling above my feet–the same cloud I’d seen in an ad for a horror movie on television. The “Green Wickley,” the TV ghoul, was out to get my feet!

3. My grandmother, while half-sleeping, was visited by my granddad soon after he died. I don’t think she’d say it was exactly creepy–perhaps comforting.

4. My other grandmother, while fishing with her boyfriend, found her best friend’s dead body in the river two weeks after it had disappeared.

5. I went demon-worshipper hunting late one night in college with my roommate. Supposedly they worshipped in the woods off one of the cross country trails. We finally found a roped-off entrance to the trails, got out of our car, and ran screaming back in when someone suddenly shined a flashlight into our eyes. My roommate swore the person was wearing a cloak.

6. My best friend in ninth grade was apprenticing to be a psychic. One of her homework assignments was to practice telekinesis. She’d set coins on the table with a ruler lined up along the edge. She never could move them very far, but one time she got a quarter a whole inch. I swear!

7. When we broke up my freshman year in college, my psycho high school sweetheart stole the six (yes, six!) wisdom teeth I’d had taken out the summer before. (They’d been kept since then in a small white cardboard gift box in my top dresser drawer.)  I didn’t know what had happened to them until years later, when his sister ratted him out.

If you happen to have received this award before, I expect you to come up with seven more outrageous tales. KIDDING. Simply consider it admiration from yet another in the writing community. 🙂

Alex at Alex Carrick’s Blog

G.P. at So, Write

Laura at A Shift in Dimensions

Marisa at Out of Order Alice

Marc at Sulci Collective

Megan at Meg Dreams

Shannon at Murder in Paradise

Deanna’s I’m a Literacy Builder Award

Thanks to Paige at Paradise Valley 2…Hell’s Mountain and over the edge for Deanna’s I’m a Literacy Builder Award. I’m honored, as she’s one heck of a literacy builder herself.

Rules for acceptance of the award:

1. Give a thank you and link back to the person who gave you this award.

2. Display the award logo on your blog site.

3. Tell us five of your favorite words and why you like them, (add as many as you like).

4. Pass the award on to three bloggers you feel are excellent literacy builders, and link to their sites.

5. Contact the bloggers you’ve chosen and let them know about the award.

My five words:

kale hard “k”, nice “l”-what’s not to like? oh, and i’ll actually eat these greens when they’re cooked.

existential because i say important words to make me feel important and then sit around all day wondering what this importance consists of.

liminal i can say it ten times fast and just barely avoid vertigo. thankfully, hermes and i are buds.

eros “Beauty spins and the mind moves.”–anne carson from eros the bittersweet. ’nuff said.

silent the “t” closes the word like it means it (compare it to “silence“). and i’ve always had  a fondness for a word whose existence is a contradiction.

Each of these bloggers spread literacy understood in multiple, important ways. (And if you’ve received the award before, consider this more admiration.) 🙂

Mark at The Bricoleur

Monica at Beautiful Mind Blog

Tony at Dwelling Here Now

12 Comments leave one →
  1. lauraeno permalink
    September 22, 2010 10:14 pm

    Thank you so much for thinking of me! This post must have taken you forever to compose (or at least it would have me!)

    Congrats on all of your awards! 🙂

    • September 22, 2010 10:17 pm

      Lol! It did take forever. Teaches me to put things off and let them pile up! So glad to include you. 🙂

  2. September 22, 2010 11:54 pm

    Congrats, Melissa!!! A well deserved award for your great work. Thanks also for the mention of my blog on your list, honored and delighted.

    • September 23, 2010 2:24 pm

      Thanks, Tony. And the mention of your blog here is more than well-deserved. 🙂

  3. September 23, 2010 7:25 am

    Thank you so much, Melissa! So honored to be among those wonderful people on your list. 🙂 Your awards are so well deserved. Congrats!

    I, too, love the word “liminal.” It gives a very satisfactory hum to the mouth when said. Especially ten times in a row. 😀

    • September 23, 2010 2:27 pm

      Thanks, Marisa. So happy to have you on the list. 🙂 I have loved the word “liminal” since we emphasized “liminality” in relation to the roles of a few different gods in a class I co-taught on Classical mythology. But “liminality” doesn’t have the same feel in the mouth as “liminal.” 😉

  4. Deanna Schrayer permalink
    September 23, 2010 9:07 am

    Congratulations Melissa! You are so very deserving of all these awards, and I love your word choices, esepcially existential – it sounds kind of romantic.

    As for your lies/truths…you’re a tricky one, so I may have this completely backwards, but I’m going to guess #7 is the only lie, the rest are true. My second guess, (because I deserve two guesses 🙂 ), is that #7 is the only truth and the rest are lies.

    How’d I do?

    • September 23, 2010 2:31 pm

      You’re so good, Deanna, because you sniff out the truth even in the lies. #7 is actually false, although I really did have 6 wisdom teeth removed the summer before my senior year in high school. Thankfully, my senior year (plus 1st semester college) boyfriend was not a psycho. 😉 I’m gonna wait just a bit more to reveal which is which, but I promise I’ll let you know! 🙂

  5. September 23, 2010 10:26 pm

    Thank you Melissa. I too enjoy kale, but I really dig Anne Carson. Monica and Tony look like great people, I’m very humbled. I’m really enjoying your visual poetry of late too.

    I think # 3 is the true one.

    • September 28, 2010 9:30 pm

      I absolutely love Anne Carson. I haven’t gotten *Nox* yet. I’ve fingered it in the bookstore a number of times. I think it’s about time I dive into it… And—I guess it’s been enough time. #3 is right! Most of the others have elements of truth, though…

      • September 28, 2010 10:37 pm


        Haven’t gotten “Nox” either. My 2 faves are probably “Men in the Off Hours” and “Glass, Irony and God”.

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