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Dreaming at the Beach

June 18, 2009
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 I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking the Atlantic. There are clouds over the sea—slate blue tints deepening to a pencil-thin belt of dark blue at the horizon. It’s hard to distinguish sea from cloud there. Looks like rain. Feels like rain. But supposedly these clouds have already past and won’t harm our beach plans today. 

This is the perfect place to write. I have my coffee, my feet propped up, my internet for distractions (when I get stuck), and a breeze that makes me happy. But I won’t be writing today. At least not right now. One of the things I’ve thought a lot about here is how much we don’t see the riches and gifts we already have right in front of us in the present moment–because we are too lost in the past or (in my case) the future. We don’t enjoy–we don’t even see–the things that give so much joy because we don’t (yet) have the otherthings we want. 

The beach is a good place to dream, to think, to wonder. I’ve treasured it for that. But too much of the time I’ve spent worrying about not getting what I want. That what I’ve dreamed won’t come true. Or I’ve done what seems to be the opposite: to dream excessively (to the point of shutting others out). This was also a way of worrying, a way of fearing that what I dream won’t come true. But, whichever I’ve done, in doing so, I’ve missed the parts of my dream right here in front of me.

Today’s dream-already-here isn’t about writing. It’s about body-surfing and boogie-boarding with two little boys who mean the world to me.

So I’ll be back to the page later…

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