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April Poem-A-Day Challenge

April 24, 2009

Ugh. Today was not a day I wanted to write. One of those every-so-often funks descended out of nowhere. I looked at the challenge prompt this morning, closed my laptop–and proceeded to gather items to give to the Salvation Army, rearrange two drawers, and clean out a suitcase. I reopened my laptop, and– Do you realize how little goes on in facebook and on twitter when you’re monitoring it every 15 seconds? I do now. 

Well, I guess I made peace with some demon(s) because I finally decided to go out–and write. With food, of course. (Bribe.) So here’s today’s challenge poem. Let’s hope this mood holds for the other writing I need to do today.  


Same rules, as always. Go for speed and 140 characters or less. 

April 24
prompt: travel-related poem (point a to b)



of day wings 
yet to come,
the crawling creep eats leaf to leaf to leaf until
      the farmer snuffs out
with his thumb.

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