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April Poem-A-Day Challenge

April 15, 2009

I intended to do the April Poem-A-Day Challenge (Poetic Asides/Writer’s Digest) from day 1. Really, I did. But my apartment flooded, a new relationship crashed and burned, a friend showed the shadow side, and spring break intervened–finally giving me a break. Which meant next to no writing. April 13, I decided to play catch up. I’ll double or triple the number of poems I write until I catch up with everyone else. And of all places to do it, I decided to do it on Twitter. Why? Because I had just joined and had no followers, and because everything had to be said in 140 characters or less. Which seemed doable.

But I’ve decided that I’m not going to send these 5 minute exercises to everyone in Twitterland afterall. I’d rather do them here, where I feel a little more sheltered in a forum devoted to such things. So they’re moving here. I’m going to post the first 6 here and then the ones I do each day in separate posts. I’m keeping to the 140 character limit and I’m following the prompts for the Challenge. Oh, and I try to write them very fast. If I don’t, I won’t do them at all. I still have a dissertation to write!

 April 6 
prompt: about something missing 

pen and ink scratch


the page, signing

symbolic shapes


no meaning

April 5 
prompt: poem about a landmark 

For Venus retrograde

 I tailgate at the Big Chicken.

mourning sickness relives,

relieves at Roswell Rd.’s KFC. 

April 4 
prompt: an animal 
"little bird" (for Death Cab and Kierkegaard, loosely)

he confuses that little bird

with a woman afraid to speak

the teleological doorway

not for flight, but a leap. 

April 3 
prompt: "the problem with blank is blank." 
(oops–I read this one fast and thought the prompt was "the problem with blank...")
"the problem with time" 

time disappears.

horizon of mind,

infinite air of finitude


grasping hands. 

April 2 
prompt: outsider poem 

The borderline

is not yet outside;

black ink spills

so easily in air. 

April 1
prompt: origin poem


are complicated

never seen

never dared

abyss of hope

if not despair 

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